Tourist Attractions in Bakersfield, California

Planning to visit North California? If yes, then you must be confused about what to visit right! So, here I’m gonna bring out a list of some of the best and worth visiting places for you to enjoy your vacations to the fullest.
This is my list of attractions that I enjoy have visited and will hopefully visit again soon. Take a peek at these stunning Bakersfield, California’s best attractions for your next vacation.

1. Buck Owens' Crystal Palace

The first and foremost attraction that I’m gonna talk about is Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace. Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace is a performance venue, restaurant, and museum all in one dedicated to preserving the Bakersfield Sound. This is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city. The Crystal Palace's roster features various acts each week and includes modern and traditional country western performances and dance. The menu at the Crystal Palace includes everything from appetizers to main stage entrees like chicken fried steak.


Buck Owens' Museum is located on-site, and houses memorabilia and interpretive information on the local musician's career, as well as the rise of country western music in the United States. Even if you're not a country music fan, it's difficult not to enjoy the positive atmosphere of the Crystal Palace, which is fun for the whole family and offers a unique slice of American history. The Kern County Museum has a special exhibit about the Bakersfield Sound that you can visit for more information.


2. Kern County Museum

This family favorite educational experience offers costumed actors and well-preserved artifacts to immerse guests in Kern County's historic past. The museum's outdoor Pioneer Village, a living-history museum encompassing over 16 acres, contains over 60 historic structures. The Lori Brock Children's Discovery Center at the museum integrates science instruction with hands-on learning and an interactive display about the region's history with the oil industry providing insight into the black gold that fueled development in Kern County.

Many of the notable performers who formed their voice in Bakersfield are included in the Kern County Museum's "Bakersfield Sound" exhibit. Buck Owens' legacy continues at the neighboring Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, which is on display at the museum. The exhibit, as well as the Haggard House on the museum grounds—where Merle was born and raised—can provide more information about the local legend Merle Haggard.

3. Fox Theater

The Fox Theater, which opened on Christmas Day in 1930 and is recognized for its opulent decor and great acoustics, is a historic theater in Bakersfield. This architectural gem narrowly survived the wrecking ball throughout the 1980s, having started as a cinema theater and eventually exhibiting some of the earliest "talkies" to hit the screen. In 1994, the Fox Theater Foundation was created and the theater was re-invented thanks to community efforts. Today, live music performances fill the Fox Theater's stage, providing a superb backdrop to accompany the theater's ornate decor.


4. Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum Of Art has been providing a window into the creative Kern County community for nearly 60 years, having opened its doors in 1956. The BMOA hosts rotating exhibitions and a permanent collection of works by 20th-century California artists. Paintings, sculptures, and photographs are among the most well-represented mediums at the BMOA. The museum hosts various events, including yoga at the Museum and first Friday free admission, as well as educational programs for children and adults.

5. Rabobank Arena, Theater & Convention Center

The Rabobank Arena is Bakersfield's largest arena for events and special performances. It is the city's leading place for live entertainment. This multi-purpose venue, which also hosts concerts, broadway shows, and other athletic events such as monster truck rallies and Disney on Ice, is home to the Bakersfield Condors of the American Hockey League. Rabobank Stadium's well-decorated exterior plaza hints at the grandeur within this modern arena and several hotels are conveniently placed near the venue, making it easy for visitors to stay while attending an event.


6. Sequoia National Forest

Bakersfield is fortunate to have world-class picturesque landscapes close by. The Kern River Canyon begins about northeast of downtown and winds its way deep into the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, passing through Sequoia National Forest. There are at least 30 groves of towering sequoia trees in the park, which includes wild and scenic rivers, glacier-carved valleys, and wild and beautiful rivers. Backpacking and trekking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, and camping at one of the many campgrounds are all popular ways to explore the forest.

Along with the thousands of miles of hiking trails, paved roads, and gravel paths that line this beautiful natural landscape, the country-spanning Pacific Crest Trail meanders through the national forest on its way north to Sequoia National Park. Parts of six wilderness areas, including the 95,000-acre Domeland Wilderness, are located within the forest. Sequoia National Forest, which has heights as high as 12,000 feet, offers winter sports for half of the year. Sequoia National Forest checks out the link for more information. So these were my suggestions for you. However, there are many more places to visit, and much more to explore.

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